Jordi is a Blue Bird, Mediterranean as only he could be, dreamer as the most.
Jordi Vila is a man who passes the world in search of different unknown habitats, in search of the perfect habitat.
In his perpetual migration his photographs are eyewitness and course of a life stoked for the aesthetics, the beauty;
a nomad surfer, carried by the winds of feelings and friendships; with any camera as a toy of light and colours,
faces its lens to the reality with the smile of a rebellious and playful kid; at any time, like a free bird,
winks his eyes and rescues from the world little portions of paradise.


About the author
Jordi Vila was born on July 27th of 1980 in Barcelona, and raised in the coastal town of Vilassar de Mar, 
in the middle of El Maresme region in the Mediterranean sea, where begins to surf.

His passion for the waves and artistic concerns will soon approach him to the world of photography and rapidly, 
he also knew how to combine its professional side with the pleasure for surfing. He set his Catalan residence in La Fosca, 
between the cliffs of the Costa Brava.

His liking for a creative work that let him travel makes him start flying around the world; that is how he landfall in a
photography studio in New York and develops different photography projects and at the same time, starts an erratic two year
trip in a camper rolling down the coasts of Morocco, France, Spain and Portugal, where he combines his passion with
professional photography.

Currently living in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, he continues to grow as a surfer and photographer.